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We help you sort through all the "to do" lists in your mind.

At C2ROI, INC, we've got your back when it comes to Facilitation, Training, Process improvement, and Leadership Development services. We don't just do it on our own; we team up with our clients to create magic. We know that by joining forces, we can make a real difference in building strong connections and fostering a thriving environment. We're with you every step of the way, from planning to execution. Let us show you how we rock it!


C2ROI,INC offers a range of Facilitation services. To excel in our delivery, we come alongside our clients and collaborate with them. We understand that by working together, we can positively impact relationships and nourish a culture of growth and support. We stick with you through implementation.


Here’s how we do it.


Providing Comprehensive Services for Enhanced Organizational Effectiveness
Our services cover a full range of strategic planning sessions, root cause analysis, and conflict resolution. With extensive experience working with senior executives and front-line team members, we possess a unique perspective which allows us to see the bigger picture. This enables us to develop strategies that are in line with your organization's goals.
To further our mission of promoting greater effectiveness for our clients, we also offer facilitator training. This helps organizations internalize best practices and achieve long-term success.

Customized Organizational Development/Process and System Improvement

We engage and collaborate with our clients to seek the best solutions that best fit your organization. Our strategic partnership with TTI International™ provides a wide range of customizable assessments bringing you the greatest ROI for investing on training and organizational development.


A system can make or break a business. Even if you delegate a good and high-performing person on a bad system, you’ll still have a bad outcome. Our performance improvement methods address problems at their roots. We take into account how an organization’s current system may be contributing to its poor performance.


Independent Executive Professional Development

Effective leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. However, even the most talented and experienced leaders can encounter stumbling blocks that hinder their progress. It is not uncommon for leaders to overlook these obstacles, which can cause problems for themselves and their team.

One solution to this problem is to customize a plan of professional sessions aimed at eliminating those blocks. By working with a coach or mentor, leaders can identify the areas in which they struggle and develop strategies to overcome these challenges.

These sessions can focus on a range of areas, such as communication, delegation, time management, and team building. By addressing these stumbling blocks, leaders can enhance their skills and become more effective in their roles.

In addition to providing support and guidance, professional coaching sessions can also help leaders to gain a fresh perspective on their work. This can be particularly valuable for those who feel stuck or are struggling to achieve their goals.

Overall, customized professional coaching sessions can be an effective way to overcome leadership stumbling blocks and enhance the skills and effectiveness of leaders. By investing in their own development, leaders can not only improve their own performance, but also the success of their team and organization

Strategic Seminars/Assessments

We offer tailor-made training solutions to help you achieve your organizational goals. Our strategic seminars focus on personal and organizational effectiveness. We can deliver a single event for a specific initiative. If you need an internal training program, we have that too.

We also have a strategic partnership with TTI International™, which gives us access to over 60 reliable assessments that can enhance your organization.

Webinars/Online Training

We provide customized webinars to save our customers travel expenses and to keep costs down. We also develop customized web-based training solutions that can provide consistent training and orientation solutions.


We capitalize on our experience to improve relationships between teams and leaders. This facet of our services is called Covert Ops. Our coaching aims to enhance the relationship between teams and leaders, and align everyone to organizational objectives. We provide after-event coaching to navigate the waters of your current reality. Our coaching works on these levels: individual, team, and organizational.


We have a range of inspirational and informative keynotes that will both inform and encourage any audience. Our best sellers are Foundations of Employee Relations and Employee Morale and Course Correction Leadership™. These are certainly motivational, inspirational, and educational.

Leadership Tips: Common Sense Thoughts for Uncommon Times

A collection of leadership articles with discussion questions that you can purchase for your leadership team. Your leaders can use this to supplement their meeting or team building exercise introductions.

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